H.M. Royal Family


The Executive - HM, the Director of Treasury Operations, & Chief Executive Officer and the Treasury Secretary, form the "Treasury's Executive Team", that manages the Monetary Policy, the organizational structure, and administer Maori Electronic Gold Currency, Security Systems and the 5% transaction Tax System. 

The Green Hilton Agreement was signed in Geneva 1963 where approximately 52,414 MT in gold bullion ingots  were transferred to the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) bullion account of Sultan (King) Mohammad Hasan Kuth Pangrango and to other international depositories. Sultan (King) transferred all title, rights and interests to the entire bullion amount held at UBS by Family succession to H.M. Ariki Manukau and to be managed by the Sovereign Global Bank of Aotearoa. All bullion bars/ingots will be hallmarked with the Bank's insignia and a limited amount of Gold Coins minted with Sultan (King) Pangrango and H.M. Ariki Manukau insignia stamped on either side of the gold coins. ALL bullion bars/ingots shall form and underpin the States Maori Gold Backed Digital Currency.

Green Hilton Agreement Geneva 1963


Sultan (King of Kings) Dana Rasa Kupenga Manukau and Sultan (King) Muhamad Hasan Kuth Pangrango, pledged large amounts of gold bullion and signed various Agreements with the Leaders of China Chiang Kai Shek in 1947 and Chairman Mao Zedong in 1949, and,  with the President of the United States of America Harry Trueman, Queen Elizabeth II & the Allied Nations during the 1950s.

In 1963 at Geneva, Sultan (King) Pangrango signed the Green Hilton Agreement with the President of the United States John F. Kennedy, President Soekarno and other world leaders. By this agreement, Sultan (King) Pangrango pledged a total of 52,414 Metric Tons gold bullion ingots, a large number of gemstones and artefacts that were deposited at the Union Bank of Switzerland Zurich, to create liquidity and to rebuild the world nations after the 2nd world war.

Sultan (King) Pangrango also pledged 200mt of gold bullion to The Family in Aotearoa (NZ). Sultan (King) Pangrango also signed the Bandung Agreements in Indonesia between 89 African and Asian Leaders from 1955 to 1960. Sultan (King) Pangrango was a historic figure who pledged the Royal Family's assets to help the people of the world recently passed away in 2017.


In 2012 before Sultan (King) Muhamad Hasan Kuth Pangrangos departure, Sultan legally transferred full power and authority and all title, rights and interests to the gold bullion, gemstones and artefacts (FAMILY SUCCESSION)  currently held at the Union Bank of Switzerland in Zurich and other depositories, to H.M. Ariki Manukau

          Sultan (King) Pangrano & H.M. Ariki Manukau - 2012        

King of Kings History