Chairman & President

of the Board of Governors Office

The Chairman of the Board of Governors is the Chairman H.M. Arikinui Manukau and the Prime Minister H.R.H. Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza, is Global President & Governor of the Board of Governors, Legal, Financial & Economic Advisor to the Bank, whom form the Maori Central Bank's Core Management Team. HRH is also Ambassador at-large Extraordinary, Plenipotentiary & Permanent Representative of the SOVEREIGN STATE WHA ATUA, MĀORI GOVERNMENT OF AOTEAROA to the United Nations - UN General Assembly - UN Security Council.


As the Bank and Treasury Management Systems become fully operational over the coming months, key Directors and Board Members shall be selected with internationally qualified financial, economic and legal experience. At such time, the Bank's operations, management structure, and policies shall be implemented along with current operating budget and projections.

H.M. Ariki Manukau,

The Leader of the Sovereign Maori State Wha Atua & Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa (MCBA).


With 28 yrs experience and expertise in International Law, Banking & Finance, economic development, taxation and the implementation of the New Maori Nation's diplomatic relations, economic and financial systems and the electronic digital gold backed currency worldwide.

Prime Minister H.R.H. Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza,

Global President of the Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa, Governor of the Board of Governors & Chief Advisor to the Chairman.

HRH Dr Percy Tamayo Espinoza, Royal Grand Vizier, Ambassador to the United Nations & Supreme Chief Justice  - LL.D., J.D., Ph. D's., D.D., J.C.D., J.S.D.


With 34 years of professional experience in government affairs and sovereign infrastructure, Global Finance and Social Economics and 30 years in international affairs and historical institutions.  HRH is also an international lawyer, career diplomat, and human rights advocate, High Commissioner of Human Rights of WHC.