The Bank's Origins & Relations

Maori Central Bank of Aotearoa (MCBA) was established in 2008 by State Decree 001/2008 and amended by Sovereign Decree 02/2020 under the Independent laws of the Sovereign Hapu-Tribal-State "Wha Atua" Aotearoa.


The construction of it's Charter, Statutes, management structure, and policies were completed in 2010 - 2012 and updated in 2020. MCBA Independent Sovereign Hapu-Tribal-States, Tribal Lands, jurisdiction and legislation are Independent of New Zealand Colonial laws or regulations and not part of The Crown/UK Gov.


MCBA aims to establish Representative Offices and bank accounts with key financial institutions, worldwide, as the Sovereign Hapu-Tribal-State Wha Atua Aotearoa approaches the United Nations for registration as the 194th member to the UN.

MCBA's strategic alliances enable the commencement of investment and project development with such Government's and the private sector in accordance with MCBA's initial 2010/2012 global economic goals and objectives.


MCBA is looking forward to concluding it's new strategic alliances with such nations, and the 1st Nations of America, over the coming months.



The King of Kings of Indonesia Sultan Mohammad Hasan Kuth Pangrango recently passed away in June of 2017 and will be sadly missed by the Family.


Sultan was a worldly historic figure and from 1947 to 2017, Sultan provided several thousand tons of the Royal Family's gold bullion to underpin the global financial banking systems and many Nation's economies after the 2nd world war.


Sultan signed various Treaties since 1947 with world leaders, such as Chiang Kai Shek of China and Mao Zedong, President Harry Truman, Queen Elizabeth II, The Allied Nations, and  the Green Hilton Agreement in 1963 in Geneva signed by President J. F. Kennedy and with African and Asian leaders via the Bandung Agreement in 1960.

Before the Sultans departure and in accordance with ancient traditions and customs, in 2012 all the Family's gold bullion held in UBS and various banks worldwide were legally transferred to the Sovereign Arikinui Manukau, for the benefit of the Family, Indonesians and the Maori Nation.

MCBA Group's Key International Financial Centers, New York, Singapore & London

PUBLIC NOTICE DECREE:  The Independent Sovereign Maori Indigenous Nation of Aotearoa and the Wha Atua Government of Aotearoa are an Independent Sovereign Nation, and NOT, … under or part-of the Colonial Government of New Zealand and The Crown/United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland or its laws, pursuant to Maori Law and International Law.


The Independent Sovereign Maori Indigenous Nation of Aotearoa and the Wha-Atua Government of Aotearoa  Sovereign Powers, Authority and Laws originate from Article 2 of the 1835 Declaration of Independence signed on 28th October 1835 by 34 Maori Chiefs pursuant to International Law.


The 1835 Declaration of Independence was signed and recognized by James Busby Consular for United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, James Clendon Consular for U.S.A., Secretary of Colonies Governor Burke for the New South Wales Government of Australia. The Dutch Government’s East India Company representative, Henry Williams, George Clark, Gilbert Mair et al.